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A long-finishing Indica-dominant hybrid coming from the Matanuska Valley of Alaska, this particular one was given to Sagarmatha seeds by growers in the area.  Known for its large fan leaves and big yields along with its Sativa-like effect, it's a very unique example of a near-landrace variety from North America.


Alaskan hybrid


Strains from the area have been known for years as very potent and productive, one famous specimen got the name Alaskan (sometimes Matanuskan) Thunderfuck and has been circulated around in clone form since the 1980's.


An interesting blend of musky dark chocolate-like smells and notes of citrus.


Musky lemon, sometimes heavier on one or the other.


Matanuska Tundra is generally an uplifting strain, seeming more like a Sativa than the Indica it shows in its growth patterns.  It's a big time mood elevator, relieving stress and anxiety as well as easing daily aches and pains — recommended as a medical strain for beginner to moderate users, as it lacks the top-shelf type of modern day potency.

Grow Medium

It grows rather short and forms a very strong main cola and numerous side branches — with training, it can work for a compact SCROG setup, but generally it works best as a bush.


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