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This Lemon Kush has some sweet citrus qualities to the smell and taste but Afghani hash plant parentage muted the sweet lemon candy of the Lemon G. The appearance was solid but unspectacular, and yet we all thoroughly enjoyed the effects, which were a moderate Sativa-leaning positivity and energy to go along with some Indica relaxation and body effects.


Lemon G-13 x Afghani Landrace


Alien Genetics pollinated the Ohio Lemon G clone only with his Afghani "Kush" Landrace male to create this seed line.


 Spiral dark olive open cluster calyxes with muted goldenrod pistils, and short fat trichomes with large heads


Lemons and a nutty, slightly vegetal quality (reminded one reviewer of almonds). There was a slightly putrid twang that came out after grind as well, a bit of "poo" smell.


Lemony, with a flowery finish that carried notes of peppermint and grass. The smoke was extremely smooth on the throat


An initial boost of energy was the main effect, but after about 30 minutes, the real potency arrived (definitely a creeper) and sent relaxation throughout the body and cast a bit of a haze over the mental proceedings. The eyes were burning a bit and sensitive to light, with an increase in internal pressure. Social interaction was pleasant and easy thanks to the elevated mood and mental energy. Later in the duration it became more relaxing and the head effects died down for the most part — a nice, soft drop back to normalcy.


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