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Known for its sweet and Hazy smell, this special clone-only strain was discovered by chance and went on to become a High times Strain of the Year in 2005 while also becoming a major piece in breeding projects for its collection of terpenes.  The 100% Indica Strawberry Fields mother lends stoutness, weight, and that lovely sweetness to the strain, while the Haze seems to contribute the majority of the effects.


Erdbeer x Unknown Indica


Strawberry Cough has light, fluffy buds with light green calyxes and may be accompanied by more leaves than “kush” varieties. Strawberry Cough is in the skunk family and has the typical fluffy structure of many strains, like Blueberry.


The sweet berry cream elements dominate, but there is a sharp Haze in the background.


Strawberry Cough has a musty, berry flavor that can be detected from the aroma of the buds.


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