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A hybrid in the truest sense, this combination of Airborne G-13 and selected Cinderella 99 males serves to increase the yield and flavor of the G-13 mother while retaining her legendary potency.  The flowering time of the two parent strains was already low, making this an especially attractive hybrid for growers with limited space, limited time, and the desire for top-flight potency.


Airborne G-13 x Cinderella 99 mixed male pollen ("Evil Pineapple" pheno)


The G-13 used in this cross is known as "Airborne G-13? and isn't the original cut, but is thought to perhaps be one of Neville Schoenmaker's original G-13 hybrids, likely the G-13 x Northern Lights #2.  There were 8 Cinderella-99 males used in a mixed pollination for maximum seed vigor and expression.


Most of the smell comes from the Cinderella 99 side of the family, with its slightly putrid tropical fruit stank


The flavor is also mostly C-99, with a sour, sharp, and slightly sweet blend of fruity notes with hints of pine and skunk


Very potent to start, Killer Queen attacks the face, eyes, and forehead with a lot of fluctuating pressure.  Serving to awaken the senses, it takes the user on quite an energetic and cerebral ride, while mostly maintaining mental function throughout (except at higher dosages, as there is a high ceiling with this one).  As it begins to fade out, it takes on a more relaxing and G-13-dominant profile, both because it has positive body relaxation qualities and because it has a bit of the "sugar high" effect where the "Sativa up" amplifies the "Indica down" that follows.

Grow Medium

Both genetic lines can take strong fertilization programs.  Depending on phenotype, training may be a suggested route — more G-13 dominant plants will form a strong single cola and stay short, while C99-dominant plants will be more Christmas tree-shaped and work well with training such as SCROG.


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