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OG Kush x Train Wreck (T4)


According to the breeder, DNA Genetics, the goal with this cross was to combine the OG flavor with the Train Wreck bud structure. The OG Kush mother brings medical benefits and a tasty, pronounced terpene profile. The Train Wreck father brings high commercial yields, resin production, and lemony scents. The sweetness in the Kandy Kush is courtesy of the OG Kush female and is where the name stems from. This plant is known for its high resin production and is stated to be one of the most resinous in the entire DNA Genetics catalogue. This strain took 1st at the Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 for best medical cannabis out of 140 strains.


Once again, this strain can vary greatly in appearance depending on the specific phenotype. The shape can range from more oblong-shaped like the Train Wreck to more circular-shaped like the OG; however, they are all dense – a characteristic of both parents. Given the sativa influence of the Train Wreck, nearly all phenotypes will have orange pistils but coverage density will vary. Kandy Kush produces a thick coat of resin, thus buds will appear ‘frosty’.


While the variances in phenotype will apply to smell as well, Kandy Kush can generally be described as sweet, earthy, and piney. Some cuts will lean towards the OG Kush with distinct scents of sweet Pine Sol and lemons with a slight bite of fuel. Other cuts will lean towards the Train Wreck with scents of pine needles (herbal), flowers, and a slight bite of pepper. 


Because this strain is available from both seed and clone, there are a variety of phenotypes floating around. Although specific flavor profiles will vary, Kandy Kush generally has a sweet, piney, and pungent taste. The smoke is refreshing and keeps you coming back for more. Those growing from seed will have their choice of a variety of flavor profiles that can lean heavily towards one parent or the other. Those growing from clone should inquire as to the specifics of that particular cut.


Depending on the particular mix of indica to sativa, this hybrid strain can be effective as either a daytime or a nighttime smoke. For many users, the sativa influence of the Train Wreck can overpower the heavier effects of the OG Kush. In general, the effects can be described as uplifting, euphoric, relaxing, and mood enhancing. The sativa dominant strains will result in initially increased energy levels and focus. Kandy Kush is great from managing stress, pain, and depression.


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