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Juicy Fruit is a sativa-dominant hybrid thought to contain Thai genetics. Juicy Fruit won't win any top-level potency awards, but it is a very aromatic and eye-catching strain that will find a place with sativa-lovers.


Highland Thai x Afghani


Bred by Sensi Seeds, the strain was renamed Fruity Juice in recent offerings.


It normally finishes showing off an array of gorgeous colors, including purples and even pink at times.  


The tangy and fruity initial aroma has notes of grenadine, fruit punch, and lemons, with just a hint of a sharper almost body odor-like funk at times.


The smell leads to a slightly hashy and yet almost creamy fruit flavor which is extremely pleasant and smooth on the throat.


The effect hovers between energetic and relaxing, exciting the mind but keeping the overall demeanor calm and collected.  


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