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I was a bit surprised by this strain because though I found this sample to be visually appealing, it did not have such a fierce look to it overall, it was just pretty. I judged by the cover once again and once again I was wrong, this is not a beginner strain, and with its short delay I would recommend being patient to let the med do its work before trying to force an effect by increasing dosage. Don't worry it's coming.




Dark green with very contrasting white mid ribs on leaves.


Sweet berry kush was the dominant scent reported, with a very high pungency level and appeal.


The most prolific flavors found were soil, pine, and "earthy". It was a bit harsh, but not enough to keep someone away, and it had good expansion.


A short two minute delay led to a smooth relaxing heady state of sheer relief from a stressful day. One of the first reported effects was a butterfly/stomach feeling which was somewhat unusual for our team. Over the next 20 minutes this strain produced a strong rising effect leading to high level spacyness and distortion of equilibrium. A fun exciting ride was the dominant description, but we also found a lack of presentable functionality, temporary introversion, and avoiding human contact. Relief came for all after about the forty five minute mark and most were able to get back to the comfortable state the first ten minutes had offered.


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