Sticky with fat-headed trichomes, this strain puts off a powerfully pungent stink of diesel fuel and skunk… can be overwhelming at times.


Kong (Indica-dominant clone-only strain) x Sour Diesel


Super stinky, smelling of skunk from a distance and then acrid fuel up-close.  Notes of gun oil, garlic, and musk complete the pungent package of aromas.


It tastes as if the Sour Diesel took over this cross, with a strong and enduring fuel taste accompanied by a citrus-cleaner sharpness, finishing with a skunky aftertaste.


A strongly Sativa (and clearly Sour Diesel-influenced) start full of head/face/eye pressure, an increased heart rate, some "headband" feeling, and a boost of energy gave way to a more couchlocked Indica-dominant finish.  While the mind stayed at the ready and was active/engaged, the body was very relaxed and unwilling to accommodate the mental energy.  Showed medicinal benefits with muscle relaxation, anti-depression, strong ocular attention, appetite stimulation, other stomach issues, and even sleep aid as it wore on.


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Available in Denver, CO — let us know if it's made it out to other parts of the country.



Strain Type

Slightly Indica-dominant hybrid

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