Hashplant will knock you out if you're not careful with dosage. But if you can manage not to fall asleep, you'll experience a pleasant body warmth and pain relief along with a relaxed and lazy mind-state that will see the hours fly by. Not suggested for daytime use except for patients that don't have much to do, this would make a superb nighttime smoke for those who struggle with sleep and pain issues in the evenings.


Afghani Landrace


A clone only indica strain that landed in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s before being taken into seed form by Nevil Schoenmaker's Seed Bank in 1987.


Indica-dominance was clear here, with dark greens in leaves and calyxes as well as deep blood red pistils. Generous trichome coverage combined with above average density gave this a classic look.


Surprisingly fruity and sweet-smelling when ground up, but also carried some of the signature earthy/hashy/piney smells that the lineage is known for.


It's a blend of earthy and hashy flavors that hits heavy despite being rather smooth on the throat.


This Hashplant was a bit of a creeper, reaching its full effects approximately 20 minutes after ingestion. The heavy and warm-feeling body and the corresponding feeling in the eyes set the tone for this strain's Indica-dominant effects. A distinct lack of motivation, some spaciness, and the urge to sit around were the main mental feelings this strain caused along with a bit of run-of-the-mill tiredness. However, it did a good job with body effects, delivering a narcotic-feeling experience that left the body very loose, relaxed, and pain-free. As it finished, the urge to sleep became even stronger, leaving our review staff in a sort of dazed state that was not conducive to productivity or even socialization.


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