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The Gum comes off as a strain in the fruity section of things, smells real nice but lacks in taste. It is good medicine in the sense that happiness and positive mental attitude are paramount to any patient for any reason. The Gum will provide this, it just won't do it with a lot of "gusto" or for very long.




Also known as Indiana Bubblegum, the original (less marketable) moniker was Gum


The Gum looked pretty good in the jar, and most reviewers commented they would buy some based on the "bag appeal" alone. It was lime green with light orange pistils and average trichome coverage.


Not Juicy Fruit, but a soft, sweet gummy aroma that makes you think of kids candy. Very pleasant but not overly pungent.


This is the average earthy taste you come to expect from a non-descript medication. A little on the harsh side but not unpleasant in any manner.


Comes on with medium speed and then delivers a steady experience throughout, no waves. You will feel sinus pressure and and initial sativa traits mentally. The scatter-brain sensation will fade fairly quickly and leave a good body medicine in its place.


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