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A fragrant, visually stunning, and rather potent sample that sent us on an up-then-down journey. People who like the purple/grape qualities in bag appeal but want more of a Sativa experience (at least at first) should check this one out.


"Purple Elephant" (Hashplant) x "Snowman" (Chemdog Sour Diesel)


Offered by Gage Green Genetics, there is some controversy surrounding the original source of the strain with some indication that GG's mentor JojoRizo originally bred the clone-only version of the strain under the name Sour Grapes, and that Gage Green later backcrossed JojoRizo's breeding stock to produce the seed line.


Dark cream pistils and mindblowing trichome coverage make this strain extremely visually impressive


A fresh candy grape scent greeted us in the jar, and sweetened up even further when ground. There were no traces of the other half of the lineage, it was pure purple grape goodness.


Syrupy grape with notes of dark blossoms


With a fairly quick onset about 3 minutes after the first hit, a buzzy and energetic feeling throughout the body made us feel light and capable. The eyes filled with pressure and burned slightly, a feeling that carried on throughout the experience. A bit rushy and cerebral, it had us a little on the anxious side, alternating with spacey/laughy moments. About 1.5 hours in, it changed to a more Indica experience, with some muscle relaxation properties, heavy eyes, and a tinge of tiredness. It left us feeling slightly drained and tired as it faded out.


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