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Thought by some to be the "mother" of all OG Kush strains to follow, Ghost's cut of OG Kush is a legendary clone-only cut that was possessed by forum member known as "OrgnKid,” who then passed it onto another member known as "Ghost," who then passed it on to a few select individuals. Possessing one of the most elemental and unique taste/smell packages in all of cannabis, it is clear why kushes have become such a big deal on the scene. While nobody knows the lineage for sure [good evidence also points to Tahoe], it's still widely thought to be an off-shoot of the Triangle Kush, which came out of Florida in the early 1990's.




See above — possibly original "OG Kush" cut, passed through forum members, from OrgnKid to Ghost, who then distributed it to select individuals... eventually making its way into Scott of Rare Dankness Seeds' hands.  The stories about OG Kush as a strain vary greatly, but many "in the know" say that it's true mother plant is the Triangle Kush, which came out of Florida in the 1990's and was named after the "Triangle" of Florida's main marijuana-producing cities (Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami).


Absolutely one of the purest-smelling Kush varieties on the planet, its ginger ale + citrus + Kush pine-sol qualities are unmatched. Terpene heavy at all times.


Like the smell, the flavor is pure lemon cleaner/spice-heavy Kush, with the aftertaste hanging in the mouth and throat for a long time after smoking.


Floaty and cerebral, the high comes on strong at first but is never pushy.  It takes the user on a ride full of positivity and laughter — it's really a social med and can totally change the mood of your day/night.  It's potent in the sense that it "cuts through" almost anything you're already smoking, taking over the effect itself rather than playing nice with the other strain(s).  But it's not potent in the "oh no, I shouldn't have smoked that much" sense — it's a very even, non-pushy med that can sit in the background of your mind if need-be.  If you ever get a chance to try this strain, jump at the opportunity — it's truly one of the most amazing and unique strains in the world.

Grow Medium

Scott suggests that the Ghost is best grown in a SCROG-style grow with 1 plant every 9?-12? square, pruned heavily on the bottom to fatten up the top.


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