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While we are not really fans of the smell and taste of this strain, the effects were enjoyed thoroughly by the staff. This strain provided a solid combination of mood uplift and strong body relaxation while keeping functionality mostly intact — this is a somewhat rare combination of effects that were perfect for fighting off the urge to get up when doing solitary work. The strange purple cast the trichomes had over the entire surface of the bud was also rather unique, especially when viewed with our microscope. If you're a patient that is looking for muscle and pain relief but don't want to be zombiefied and overtly sleepy, this is a very good choice.




Bred by Vancouver Island Seed Company


If you're a patient who likes big, blocky, dense structure this is the strain for you. Clearly Indica in structure, this strain has a large, conical bud shape with a collection of dark coloration, including an odd lavender cast to most of the trichomes (a few purple heads were spotted, but it was mostly the stems).


The smell of this one was typical hashy Indica with just a hint of sweetness that seemed to disappear as fast as it came. A hint of "garlic bud" type aroma stuck out at one reviewer as well — our opinion is that this is clearly an Afghani lineage plant based on the smell.


Much like the smell, this was a very generic and boring taste for us, simply tasting like hashy smoke for most of the duration. One reviewer did pick up hints of pine and a slight cherry-like sweetness, but it was fleeting. The flavor took a downturn mid-way through the session, bringing a bad, slightly bitter aftertaste to the party that we didn't enjoy at all. The final flush appeared near-perfect though, as the ash was a fluffy white… not sure where the iffy aftertaste came from.


This was a fairly unique med in that it felt strongly body-centric and Indica-heavy but seemed to leave the head nearly unaffected and functional. It started almost immediately, with a warming and relaxing body sensation creeping up from the legs through the torso and an overall relaxed mental state taking over. A heavy-headed feeling also came with the territory early on, definitely making us more comfortable on the couch than standing. Logical and social processes seemed uninhibited entirely by this strain, making it good for solitary, sedentary work — it relaxes the body enough to allow the mind to concentrate on the task at hand. If consumed later at night, the relaxation this strain provides will probably lead to sleep.


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