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One reviewer loved this strain and forgave its lack of blinding potency, but the other reviewers felt that it just wasn't potent enough to warrant an A-level grade. Visual appeal for this one was very high, with an array of beautiful colors and tons of sparkling trichomes that were harvested at the proper time. The smell and taste package were perfect for the strain lineage, and they seemed to match for the most part, which is always appreciated. The clean, heady, and energetic effects were perfect for any daytime use, and there were no physical signs of being medicated… good strain for professional situations. It just wasn't potent enough to get into the upper echelon, but it would be great for times when being strongly medicated isn't desired… this is definitely a great beginner smoke.


Flo x Purple Kush


Bred by Karmaceuticals in Denver, Colorado


With no real flaws visible, a great array of coloration, and a thick layer of trichomes, this was a very stunning sample for our staff. The mix of dark green (almost black), lime green, orange/red pistils, and vibrant royal purple in spots made this a very interesting sample to look at.


This sample was a perfect marriage of the two parent strain smell-wise, with the floral and slightly sweet incense notes of the Purple Kush blending with the more herby and spicy Flo's fennel-kissed sweet hash aroma. This was among the cleanest-smelling strains we've had, absolutely floral and something we could smell all day, even though it wasn't all that pungent until it was broken into.


Almost matching the smell note-for-note, the taste was again a very clean and floral combination of the two parent strains. A little bit of the typical Purple "grape incense" type of flavor crept in, but it was balanced by the distinctive taste of Flo. While it wasn't the most pungent-tasting sample around, the taste stayed at a high level until the end, never getting that "cashed" taste or displaying any real harshness. This was a smooth and easy smoke, highly recommended for those who can't deal with aggressive strains that make you cough.


This was a light potency strain overall, perfect for a little relaxation while keeping all mental activities running at a high level. Starting off with a delayed effect, it smoothly built to a light, buzzy body feeling that had us motivated and on our feet for most of the review. There was a little bit of head/eye pressure cycling, but overall it was rather clear-headed, with only a bit of euphoria and the desire to shirk responsibilities breaking up the motivated state. As it went along, the body relaxation became more apparent but was still not that direct — as if the mental relaxation moved downwards.


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