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The mood elevation was instant and lasting, but the potency was never all that high, and leveled off to a very mild state after about 1.5 hours, which is shorter than we'd like. However, the total duration including lingering eye effects was in the 3 hours area, so patients who medicate for ocular relief might find it more useful than others.


Northern Lights #1 x Haze


Bred in-house by Tree of Life Alternative Medicine in Colorado


A long, slender sample, this strain showed its Sativa dominance in its structure and average density. It was a pale green for the most part, but there were some extremely dark almost blue leaves visible.


his sample was a very subdued smell that consisted of fresh vegetation, pine, and a slight sweetness.


We mostly got standard smoke notes (often called "hashy") along with more of the pine and slight sweetness that were present in the smell.


They could call this strain "mood elevation" — it really makes you smile to begin with and gives the urge to laugh at almost anything. Starting strong in the eyes and continuing that throughout the experience, this strain feels alternately light and heavy, fluctuating between a floaty head and a heavy body. Despite the sometimes heavy feeling, tasks (both mental and physical) were never an issue, making this a solid choice for retaining productivity while medicated. As it went on, it reduced itself down to a calm body and retained the mood elevation, making for a long lingering finish and a soft drop back to normalcy.


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