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A surprising favorite amongst the staff, this potent medicinal Indica has a place with any patient who struggles with pain or appetite especially, but it's also a great choice for anyone later in the day or when being physically active isn't required. Watch the dosage with this one though, as it can put you to sleep if you're not careful! Altogether, it's a superb medical strain with a pleasing citrusy taste/smell package.


Grapefruit F4


Bred by Next Generation Seed Company as a seed line of popular BC Grapefruit clone


Very nice dense stocky structure with an outwardly frosty pale green sheen. Very nice dense stocky structure with an outwardly frosty pale green sheen.  Reports of pink and purple notes and dapples.


Sweet-and-sour grapefruit in the jar, turns to an even sharper yet fresh-smelling citrus-soil after being ground up… fairly pungent and complex.


Felt strongly right away in the eyes and sinuses, this one also has a very strong pulsing narcotic body effect that left our reviewers with big smiles and the desire to simply relax. Couchlock, appetite stimulation, and a completely relaxed body are the hallmarks of any strong Indica, and this one fits the bill perfectly.


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