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One of Colorado's underground favorites before becoming a staple in Boulder, CO, Dutch Treat Haze is one of the most wonderful Haze hybrids around, bringing the absolute best parts of Green House Seeds' famous Super Silver Haze but moderating the sativa effect with the uplifting yet still indica-dominant Amsterdam strain Dutch Treat. Both parent strains have a citrus element to them, and that comes out in this hybrid, but it also has interesting funky notes of eucalyptus, sandalwood, and floor cleaner.

The Super Silver Haze used in this cross is from old Dutch stock, as is the Dutch Treat. This strain shows what new breeding projects can do to reinvigorate what many consider as staid genetic lines, creating very exciting new hybrids.


Dutch Treat x Super Silver Haze


Prior to the establishment of HB 1284 which changed the dispensary scene in Colorado significantly in terms of supply chain, this strain was everywhere and in high demand because the creator was able to sell it to any dispensary who wanted it.  Once the legislation changed and centers had to grow at least 70% of their own cannabis, the creator ended up with Boulder Medical Marijuana Center and the strain has been an in-house favorite ever since, only occasionally being sold elsewhere.


Very light, almost minty green calyxes encase thin pink-red pistils and the nug shape overall is pointed, especially on the non-cola buds, which pop up in perfect little triangles on the stem almost at random.  The trichome coverage and structure is what we'd consider almost perfect, with moderate-sized heads of perfect rounded shape capping medium stems that cover the plant surface in a very even fashion.  The deep sparkle that the dried nugs possess make this an incredible "bag appeal" variety for a Sativa-lover.


The complex but undeniably Sativa aroma the Dutch Treat Haze offers blends the punchy, reedy side of the Haze family with the sweet, crisp citrus side (which is given an added boost by the sweet and also-citrusy Dutch Treat).  The perfect melding of Haze aromas in the flowers themselves also results in a wonderful floral-fresh-sweet-smelling smoke when it's combusted — in all, a treat for the nose.


Much like the smell, the flavor combines the sweet-citrusy Haze and Dutch Treat with the eucalyptus-funky Haze elements that often come out of good old-stock Super Silver Haze.  The flavor is especially noticeable and enjoyable in a joint, where the crisp flavor hangs on the lips all the way through to the crutch and lingers in the mouth and sinuses after smoking.


A near-immediate influx of pressure to the eyes and face area signal the arrival of this potent and torquey Sativa.  The internal buzzing and energetic-feeling waves that rush over the body can trend towards the racy and anxious side of things, but patients who don't struggle with nerve excitement or heart-based anxiety issues shouldn't have any issues.  Through the beating heart, the internal motivation fills the mind with racing thoughts and makes socializing at times difficult simply because the mind is so busy — however, experienced users and lovers of true Sativas will enjoy this more than see it as a possible detriment.  The final hour or so of the experience takes a decidedly Indica turn, partly from the "crash" that so often comes with powerful Sativas, but partly with the onset of the relaxing Dutch Treat presence.  This one is a great choice for appetite, mood elevation, and energy.

Grow Medium

BMMC runs the DTH in both very large DWC setups as well as peat-based soil setups and has great success, so the plant can do well in any medium.  It seems to retain its natural flavor better than many strains when grown in hydro, so that may be the best choice for those looking for maximum trichome coverage, "bag appeal", yield, and flavor.  The plant itself grows tall and fairly branchy, making it suitable for SCROG moreso than SOG applications — training and a good veg period will reap major rewards yield-wise.


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