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This strain was so Indica in every way, with its super dense and blocky nug structure, its sweet scent, and its heavy couchlock-inducing effects. While it wasn't our favorite in terms of a daily use medication, it would be great for those days where you want to do nothing but sit around and relax, or days when pain or loss of appetite make life very difficult.


Bubblegum BX2


Claw-shaped woodland green sepals, arranged in closed stacked calyxes, striped with shocks of indochine brown pistils, and average coverage with thin, short-stalked bent trichomes with average heads


Very nice and super sweet Bubblegum smell, one of the most uncanny gum smells around. It turned a bit more fruity when ground and lost the saccharine sweetness.


Though it had traces of that strong sweetness and the actual gum flavor, this one tasted mostly like a bit of a "fruit punch", with a blend of fruity and sweet flavors and a flowery finish. The smoke was extremely thick and dense (like the nug) but also had a bit of unwanted harshness that burned the throat.


This Double Gum was an Indica-dominant experience for sure, with a heavy feeling behind the eyes and a hanging warmth over the body. Sitting gape-mouthed staring at something was not an uncommon effect, and the heavy almost wobbly head made sitting way more satisfying than moving around. It was functional enough but it was much nicer to sit on the couch and just enjoy it. Appetite stimulation was evident, and this was basically a typical Indica effects package thould be nice for an evening session.


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