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Though we missed the acrid Sour Diesel part of the equation at times, this was a very enjoyable Diesel experience that was neither too heavy nor too light. It felt like a true hybrid, with a blend of Sativa and Indica effects that played well together rather than battling for attention. The appearance was top-notch, with its sound but distinct structure, copious trichome coverage, and lack of flaws. The smell was right up our alley and seemed NYCD-dominant with a grapefuit bent. Overall, we like this med as a daytime or early evening strain for those looking for some mood elevation, relaxation, and appetite stimulation — it's suitable for all levels of patient because it was never too strong but can be enjoyed even by the connoisseurs.



A Colorado clone variety


We all really liked the look of this one, from its foxtailed structure to its impressive trichome coverage. Just a very pretty example of a Diesel strain, with a strong lime green color, and peach pistils.


This one had some of the typical diesel notes in the jar/bag before it was ground up, but they seemed to disappear, turning into more of a sweet herby grapefruit… it seemed to be both sweet and musky at the same time, which is certainly unique. It seems that the NYCD dominated the smell department, not much of the acrid, pungent Sour Diesel smell at all… in this case, that wasn't a bad thing.


Similar to the smell but much less sweet-tinged, the taste was also a semi-musky citrus with some menthol qualities. It turned a bit more to the earthy/smoky side as it burned away, but overall was rather pleasant the whole way through. One reviewer reported some post-smoking throat burn, but the others felt it was a pretty smooth smoke despite being fairly thick. Pretty average taste overall, which was slightly disappointing after the top-notch aroma.


A typical diesel start, with pressure in the sinuses/cheeks/eyes, tickling/ringing in the ears, and a buzzing presence through out the body, at times feeling like butterflies in the stomach. It was never what we'd describe as 'rushy', but it was definitely heady and Sativa in nature to start. As the experience progressed, it seemed to take us to a middle-ground in a manner of ways — mood-wise, energy-wise, and mentally we seemed on an even keel. It had moments of sociability and laughter interspersed with moments of withdrawn silence and introversion. While feeling capable overall, there were also moments of short term memory loss and general slowness. As it faded out, there was some drowsiness, but nothing overwhelming that you can't shake off in the middle of the day.


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