Like all of his breeding projects, DJ Short's Flo began with the duo of Thai parents (Flo is Purple Thai-dominant), beefed up and normalized by an Afghani.  There are two main phenotypes for Flo, one that is totally light green ("the Green pheno") and another that has lots of blue shades in it ("the Blue pheno").  Though the plant is Sativa-dominant, the Afghan cut down on the flowering time and overall height to make it very suitable for indoor growth.  The most prized Flo variation is often referred to as the "Temple Flo" cut and smells like exquisite Nepalese temple hash.


Highland Thai, Purple Thai (landrace Chocolate Thai x landrace Oaxacan Gold), and Afghani (one generation-removed landrace from the Pacific Northwest) — these are the basis of nearly all of DJ Short's breeding projects and the Flo is heavy on the Purple Thai and Afghani.


See this link for the backstory on several of DJ Short's strains, including Flo.


Very distinctive blend of sweet hash, menthol, expensive soil, anise, and some slight fruitiness — Flo's aroma is almost completely distinct and could easily be picked out of a lineup by most experienced users.  It's also known for scenting the room with an almost incense-like smoke once consumed.


Much like the smell, it has a cool, creamy mentholated tone to it, with strong soil, menthol, and hash flavors blending into an interestingly harmonious whole.


A hybrid in the truest sense, Flo seems to simultaneously be a Sativa and an Indica rather than taking turns, as many strains do.  Relaxing, uplifting, and mentally clear, Flo's effects package are perfect for those looking for some body relief and relaxation but still need to retain functionality.  It's never a super-potent strain to the point of being overwhelming — it's a very even and smooth experience overall that is highly recommended for all levels of patient, primarily as a daytime med.

Grow Medium

Works well indoors or outdoors in a variety of mediums.  She is a finicky feeder like many of DJ Short's strains and generally likes light nutrient schedules until flowering is really going, when a slight increase is tolerated.  The multi-harvest ability of Flo generally takes 10-14 days to produce the second batch of buds after pruning off the initial ones.  Flo is a medium-sized plant overall and is branchy, making it a good choice for SCROG but not a good choice for SOG applications.


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Pacific Northwest of the United States, then to Amsterdam


DJ Short Seeds, Dutch Passion, and Legends Seeds all sell/sold this in seed form, though there is also the original DJ Short Flo clone floating around as well.

Strain Type

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Flowering Time

55- 62 days

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