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Coming out of the breeding projects of a grower known as "High & Lonesome", with the blessings of Top Dawg Seeds (the holders of Tres Dawg), this hybrid combines the legendary Purple Urkle clone with JJ-NYC's fiercely potent Tres Dawg, which is essentially a Chem D backcross.  The Urkle imparts its signature coloration and some of its aroma and flavor, but the added sharp chemical kick of the Chem D makes everything more interesting than a standard "purple" and make this variety one of the strongest-smelling strains in almost any garden.  Also increased is the potency of the Urkle, making it much more sedative and hard-hitting cerebrally — this strain is best used in the evenings, as it can lead to sleep due to the deep relaxation and strong ocular effects is offers.


Purple Urkle x Tres Dawg (Chem D x [Chem D x Afghani])


Bred by "High & Lonesome" (aka H&L), this strain is fairly new (circa 2009) and though it originated on the East Coast, it is quickly gaining a reputation for its potency and incredible smell through the medical marijuana dispensaries of Colorado and California.  The strain is named after a David Grisman song of the same name.  The so-called "Poodle Nuts" cut is the most prized and was selected and spread by a grower known as "forty".


Dark leaves and purple petioles lend an undoubtedly Indica appearance to the plant overall, and it will often finish completely purple depending upon nutrient regime and temperature.  Most often the finished buds are a robust medium green with bright orange pistils, with mottled purple tinges appearing commonly on the top nugs moreso than the lower buds.  Large, fat calyxes bristle with tall, medium-headed trichomes which pack the surface with a density in the upper echelon of strains.  The buds are most similar to Urkle buds in overall appearance, round and swelled-up with a moderate amount of leaves mixed in.


One of the most pungent strains we've ever encountered, the very complex interplay of the Urkle's grape-spice musk and the Tres Dawg's hair-curling Chem-skunk funk will impress anyone who likes an aggressive aroma.  The plant when growing will stink more than 95% of strains and that translates to the final product as well — buds left untouched will exhibit a more soft Purple-tinged aroma, but as soon as they're broken apart, it's deep ChemDawg acridness and skunk-fuel all the way.


Falling just shy of the aroma in terms of overall pungency, the Waltz's flavor matches the qualities of the smell perfectly, offering the same blend of fruity-spicy Purple sweetness and overwhelming Chemmy funk.


If raw potency is what you desire, the Waltz will certainly scratch that itch, hitting hard immediately and not letting up for a solid 2 to 3 hours, even catching veteran users by surprise with its complete package of effects.  An immediate burst of warmth and pressure in the eyes and a fiercely vibrating body effect blends perfectly and helps the user relax but also fills them with a strange cerebral energy which is conducive to sedentary activities and projects as well as socialization.  The initial 30 minutes to 1 hour period of effects feel like a true hybrid, with just enough Sativa influence to keep the mind active and the mood high — however, the Indica side of things normally takes over past that point, making the mental state more pensive and relaxed and continuing the loose, massaged feeling throughout the body.

Grow Medium

Though it produces a moderate-to-large yield of rock-hard and large-calyxed buds, the Waltz also produces quite a lot of fan leaves, and fairly aggressive defoliation is suggested in order to maximize yield of lower bud sites.  The plant is a fairly heavy feeder, often requiring additional Cal-Mag through early flower.  It grows rather stout and bushy, with only a small stretch during flowering, mostly fattening up rather than growing upwards.  Taking it on the early side of the harvest window normally results in the best flavor and a more cerebral effect, while allowing some amber trichomes to develop puts this strain squarely on the Indica side of things effects-wise and seems to take some of the sweetness out of the flavor.


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