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Bred in-house by The Health Depot


The sample was covered in a thick carpet of trichomes, and was a pleasing and fairly vibrant collection of greens with orange pistils, structured like many well-grown Sativas; light, but not wispy.


The cross of the two parent strains was in full effect here — the Sour Diesel influence was especially evident, as that was the dominant note (fuel, chemical, gun oil)… But very present along with those pungent smells was a fruity, citrus-leaning sweetness with a certain putrid quality to it, much like an overripe pineapple. This was a very pungent and unique sample…


While one reviewer got a reasonably strong and very enjoyable taste from this strain, the majority of the crew struggled to get a read on it and weren't that impressed by what they did get. A fleeting, perfume-like sweetness was all the majority reported, but the one who liked it picked up on a floral-leaning citrus sweetness that faded out after about 2 hits, followed by a fuel-tinged aftertaste.


This was the area that this strain really shined, providing a near-immediate package of potent effects that got on top of a few of our staff members, surprising them a little bit. Very intense head and eye pressure fluctuations combined with almost mind-numbing potency had us sitting and trying to get our bearings for the first 15 minutes or so. A fairly strong body presence developed during that time as well, with a wave of relaxation and body waves washing over us and making the near-psychedelic effects a little easier to handle. Once the initial burst left us, it calmed down into a relaxed state that still had us feeling some of the head pressure and eye presence into the 3rd hour. This was a very enduring med that kept up medicinal-level effects almost into the 2nd hour.


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