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When we got this sample, Dr. Blaze informed us that this was the first real batch ready for the public and that it will be receiving lots of attention and improvements over the coming months. That jives with our experience for sure, as it appeared that this one just didn't quite reach the genetic potential it holds. The Coup mother was one of the nicest in-house creations we've come across, and with the Widow potency, we were expecting a little more of a slam/couchlock experience. But it remained mostly heady (though having GREAT anti-anxiety and solid body relaxation properties), leaving us functional though a little dull-feeling… can't wait to see this one in its completely dialed-in form.



Bred by A20 Labs in Colorado


Not outwardly as frosty-looking and tight as the sample we received from its mother plant (the Coup de Grace), this one was a little loose in structure, but it made for a pretty striking appearance and left the hands sticky after handling. Dark army greens overall blended with thick ropey orange pistils — the tall, just-on-the-verge-of-ambered trichomes weren't that apparent until under the scope.


This sample carried strong notes of peaches and blueberries along with a little of the saccharine sweet you find in Bubblegum strains. An interesting almost liquor-like menthol sweet bite was present as well, with above-average pungency overall.


While it was difficult to pick up (one review reported no taste), we were able to notice a floral and ethereal berry sweetness with hints of smokey almost tequila-like flavor. Perhaps due to the tiny seeds, the taste went downhill quickly after the first 2 hits


A warm body and a nearly spinning head started us off with this one, a nice sting of potency right at the beginning that was felt mainly in the head and eyes, which filled up with mild pressure and lasted almost the entire first hour. After that hour had passed, it retreated to a fairly neutral yet relaxed state where mood wasn't necessarily enhanced but not soured either. Mentally relaxed an pain-free, but a little slow and dull-feeling, the latter part of the med did feel more on the Indica side, which we had been waiting for based on the White Widow Max father.


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