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The lineage of Cougar Piss is SoCal Cat Piss crossed with an Afghani IBL (inbred line), making it an indica-dominant hybrid. This temperamental Cat Piss cross is made more stable and vigorous by breeding it with an Afghani line.


SoCal Catpiss x Afghani #1 IBL


Cougar Piss is a Colorado-bred strain coming out of Rare Dankness Seeds. The seed line was released over Cannabis Cup weekend and all packs have been purchased and are available for sale in Colorado only. 


The potent and very unique NorCal Catpiss aroma and flavor come through strongly here.  Contrary to popular belief, Catpiss (and this Cougar Piss, which takes most strongly after its mother) actually doesn't smell like ammonia, but has a strangely sharp yet fresh bite that has undertones of sour mango and only carries a hint of its namesake. 


The initial taste is much the same as the smell, but the lingering flavor on the palate is actually that of, well, cat urine.  As unpleasant as that may sound, it's a strangely addictive flavor that people who have tried the original Catpiss will remember fondly and pick up immediately in this cross.


This is a very potent strain, immediately serving to cast a dulling "sensory blanket" over the head and eyes, and making the user feel positive and relaxed, bordering on goofy.  The initial effects are very strong but never anxious or uncomfortable, making it acceptable for those who sometimes struggle with anxiety during the onset of potent strains.  Mental function tends to slow down quite a bit with this strain, and the Afghani lends a strong body heaviness that will tend to keep the user mostly sitting or otherwise relaxing.  


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