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This unreleased cross from DNA Genetics is a Colorado-grown original, and you won't find it anywhere else. The initial burst of giggle-inducing potency keeps the mood high throughout the duration while the Afghani influence is clearly felt though warm, pulsing body waves and overall relaxation. The smell is truly something else — a very unique scent that reminded us of a Durban at times — though we really wish it translated more directly into the taste.


LA Confidential [OG LA Affie x Afghani] x Sour Cream [Original Sour Diesel x G-13 Haze]


A limited release cross by DNA Genetics available in seed for a short time in Colorado.


Verdant dark green with lots of slender creamy orange pistils, this #1 phenotype has an interesting stout yet not particularly dense structure, and above-average trichome coverage.


This strain has a truly unique biting yet sweet eucalyptus that attacks immediately when ground up.  In the jar it reminded us of a creamy lime soda or even a gin and tonic, with a definite spiciness that hinted at the G-13 Haze lineage.


A rather odd and cool mentholated smoke, this strain wasn't quite as pleasing in this area as it was in the aroma category.  It tickled the throat a bit despite the cool feeling, but produced a sweet-smelling smoke that perfumed the room.  There was a hint of the citrus sweetness, but the menthol sensation overrode it for the most part.


Immediately potent, this strain is a big time mood elevator and had us laughing at ourselves a bit as we struggled to get a grip on the first 25 minutes of the experience.  A heavy feeling in the back of the head as well as a warm, pulsing body spoke to the Indica side of this cross, while a strong presence behind the eyes and the giggly mental state were the Sativa contributions to this balanced experience.  While it got a bit heavier and tired as it wore on, it finished cleanly, returning us to a calmed yet aware state.


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