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We were excited to try this strain, as none of us had ever gotten the chance… it's a piece of cannabis history and formed a key component of the original Sam the Skunkman Skunk #1, which has made its way into countless hybrids over the last 20+ years. Needless to say, we really enjoyed this strain in the "bag appeal" areas, but it really shined with its mix of strongly Sativa yet functional effects package that had us feeling motivated, social, and focused. A superb choice as a daytime medication for those who need to be on-point mentally, it packs enough power for veterans at higher dosages, but won't totally overwhelm a newer patient either.


Landrace Colombian


Classic landrace Colombian strain from the Santa Marta mountain range, released in seed form by World of Seeds Bank


The Sativa was evident in its overall light structure, with many super-frosty guard leaves shielding long teardrop calyxes and light camel-colored pistils. Classic look to this one, we really loved the trichome coverage and the overall texture, which was easy to handle and prepare. Some might complain about the lack of density, but this is fine by us, especially in an equatorial Sativa.


A blend of slightly musky yet fresh citrus (lemons and limes mainly) with a skunky quality, this strain could well be the template for what many modern Sativa hybrids smell like… it reminded us of so many other strains, most notably Durban Poison (another landrace Sativa). The aroma was nicely pungent both in and out of the jar, but really freshened up and got a lovely tangy quality when ground up.


Very interesting tea tree/citronella oil taste, slightly floral and creamy… there was also the lemon/lime tang from the aroma that came through at times. It was a complex and engaging taste, but we really enjoyed how smooth the smoke was… only one reviewer coughed at all, and the expansion was totally manageable.


Strongly Sativa to start (like many strains), it hit the eyes and forehead strongly, producing a buzzing feeling and some pressure fluctuations. Alert and active, this sample left us feeling strongly medicated yet totally functional and positive mentally — heads were upright and dialed-in to whatever activity was happening at the moment. Cerebral but not overly racy or frantic at all, this would likely make a good at-work type of strain due to its mental clarity. There was a solid muscle relaxation component that came along with it though, making this a good choice for those who require some relaxation and pain relief with their Sativa strains. Stable and smooth, this one faded out cleanly and left us feeling great.


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