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Unknown, perhaps a phenotype of Pure Kush


This strain has a mysterious lineage but the consistency of this strain can tell a lot about Chinchilla. The aroma is a profound pine, chem terpene profile, stocked with pinene and limonene. Further, the structure of the buds gives away its heavy Afghan origin. The live trees grow to be sizable with several branches, much like an OG Kush plant, yet the perfume gives away that the Chinchilla retains much of its Afghan large-cola characteristics.


An even coverage of trichome stalks that retain the trichome heads through dry, cure and shelf time, the chinchilla is very photogenic. The spiked calyxes swell with short pistils, orange in color. Depending on harvest time and grow conditions (i.e. temperature fluctuations) this strain can turn purple or pink.


Chinchilla carries a juniper smell, not quite citrus, yet not quite deep conifer forest that many OG Kush strains have. Meeting somewhere in the middle, Chinchilla has a unique terpene profile and is quite robust in the garden all the way to the jar.


Much like the unique aroma of Chinchilla, the flavor is one of a kind. The sweet juniper, almost mint flavor is detected easily, especially on freshly harvested and cured flowers. As the bud dries and shelf time is extended, musty skunk flavor is more dominant, blending in with many OG Kush varietals.


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