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This one really impressed us with its raw potency to start, and had one experienced reviewer contemplating if it was the strongest start he's ever had (flowers OR concentrates). That said, the potency may simply be too much for many patients, especially those who are prone to anxiety due to some physical manifestations of this sample such as a racing heart and sweating. Even for our experienced staff, we found ourselves bordering on disoriented and unable to do much of anything for the first hour. The power held within the effects were certainly hinted at with the smell and taste, which were both very pungent and acrid — Diesel and ChemDawg connoisseurs will love the bag appeal of this one.


ChemDog x Bio-Diesel


Arrowhead-shaped fern green sepals, arranged in open stacked calyxes, with dispersed small patches of raw umber pisitls, and well above average coverage with long, average-stalked trichomes with large heads


If you're a patient who at all likes the acrid, fuely, skunky end of the cannabis aroma spectrum, this strain will make your day. This is one of the strongest-smelling strains we've encountered in some time, both in overall pungency (both pre and post-grind) and in terms of the "impact" the smell has on the nostrils. Fuel, skunk, hickory, garlic, body odor, and just a hint of citrus (after it's ground) are the dominant notes on this one, and "dominant" is exactly the right word to use to describe them.


While the taste (like the smell) isn't exactly appealing to many people, it certainly is impressive in the same way as the aroma. Thankfully, the acrid skunkiness is toned down in the flavor a bit, with mostly the fuel, spice, and smoky flavors coming through, with the spice lingering as the aftertaste.


This one was a very fast starter, coming on almost immediately with strong effects. Most of our staff began sweating and had a very noticeable increase in heart rate, which could really prove to be too much excitement for those who suffer from anxiety issues. Along with the racy internal energy it provided, it sent us into a flurry of random thoughts and ideas, making it hard to concentrate at times, as if the raw ideas received little to no processing prior to entering the mind. In short, we felt rather "crushed" and unable to do much of anything, preferring to simply sit (or lie down) and hang on for the ride, at times having our legs fall asleep from sitting in the same position for too long. As it finally began to drop in potency around 1 hour, the effects became more functional and elevating, but not in the traditional happy mood elevation sense, but rather more of a heightened state of sensory awareness and internal energy. The effects continued to dwindle through 2.5 hours, simply lingering on from that point.


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