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Absolutely beautiful in so many ways, Charles' Kush is definitely an incredible herb. The effects caused by this medication are exactly what many people search for in an indica dominant strain. The smoke is super smooth and really thick; like blowing out clouds of Kush. Great bud to leaf ratio, and our samples were extremely well manicured.


(Hashplant x Northern Lights) x ([Hashplant x Northern Lights] x Kodiak Gold)


Bred by Reeferman Seeds in the late 1980s


The flower is sparkling with milky white trichomes, packed full of dark red-hairs. Medium green colored packs, with hints of dark-purple. Some phenotypes are known to turn very purple or have stronger odors.


Has the pungent smell of kush. The aroma is not as strong as some other strains I had, but still very captivating.


Incredibly smooth smoke. Great taste of kush, with a piney after-taste.


Hits real fast and feels like it slows time. Makes you feel a bit "light-headed", sativa type of headiness at first and slowly turns to its indica dominant side with great relaxation throughout the body.


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