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It never was overtly potent and despite lasting a long time, we sort of lost track of the effects at times because they were mild and unobtrusive. In many senses, this is a good thing (this was a pretty clear-headed med suitable for a day of work), but we think that this one is best saved for newer patients and those seeing moderate relief which last a long time but doesn't ever feel pushy.



Slender spearhead-shaped wasabi green sepals, tightly opened pinecone calyxes, with frequent bursts of saddle brown pisitls, and above average coverage with average-length, thick-stalked hooked trichomes with average heads


While the aroma wasn't particularly pungent, it did develop a bit when ground up, releasing a crisp, clean, sweet pine-citrus aroma that definitely brought to mind Snowcap and other similar strains (NL #5-Haze, Jack Herer, etc.).


Softly sweet and piney, the flavor was fairly similar to the aroma on the first few hits, but declined from there and just because neutral and smokey. It never really tasted bad, but the flavor just disappeared rather quickly — we think that the dryness level may have had a lot to do with the way the flavor declined, as well as the way the smoke tickled the throat. The flush certainly wasn't to blame for any harshness, because the final ash was mostly white with some black flecks, showing a very quality flush prior to harvest. This one ultimately just fell short of its potential.


A moderate pulsing throughout the body and limbs was the signal that effects had begun, coming on rather smoothly and creeping up in potency over the first 20-30 minutes. While we didn't really feel much of a change in mental energy or mood, but rather a gentle relaxation which had us able to concentrate on non-interactive activities, but fading out a bit when deep concentration and attention was required. Several members of the staff commented that this med was almost invisible at times throughout the experience — it's certainly not a "punch in the face" type of med, but rather a smooth Sativa that kept us between mood elevation and relaxation with no negative effects or abrupt comedown. Some staff were left wanting more peak potency, but the duration was very good, lingering out to over 3 hours for all of our staff.


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