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Though it wasn't one of the craziest-looking or strongest-tasting samples we've had as of late, this was a very solid med that would earn a place in our Indica rotation thanks to its enduring calming effects and even-handed power. It was never giving us anything unexpected and provided a steadily Indica-dominant experience that was effective enough while not being pushy. The grow quality overall was superb, with only a few small flaws to speak of, none of which seemed to affect the final quality all that much. A very solid in -house creation from The Health Depot here… and we have to say that the name is very appropriate considering the smell!


DJ Short's Blueberry x AK-47


Bred by The Health Depot in Colorado


It seems as if the AK-47 has bulked up the trichome count on the Blueberry, as this sample arrived caked with cloudy-headed trichomes, alongside a healthy blend of light greens, and mixed autumn-colored pistils.


The DJ Short's Blueberry really comes through here — notes of blueberries, strawberries, mint ice cream, and a slight sour element that comes out after the grind. If you like a sweet, fruity strain, this one's right up your alley. It's very nicely pungent as well, one of the stronger-smelling fruit varieties we've had in some time.


While not quite as pungent and overwhelmingly sweet as the smell, the taste still had a clear berry flavor with hints of earth, flowers, and vegetation. It wasn't a particularly enduring or pungent taste, but was enjoyed by the staff. The staff unanimously agreed that the smoke was very smooth and not too expansive, making this a good choice for patients who don't wish to cough or otherwise have respiratory issues. The final ash was a little iffy-looking, with a charcoal/gray mix, indicating that it may have needed a more thorough flush.


A rush of heat to the face and eyes started things off, with an accompanying relaxation and warmth coming over the body as well. The eyes and cheeks especially felt the effects of this medicine, though it didn't seem to physically affect them, as they were mostly clear and wide open. It showed some mood elevation properties in our review staff but was not euphoric by any means — it seemed to be a measured positivity that depended a bit on the incoming mood. The dominant feeling on this med was that of worry-free relaxation with a definite couchlock/lazy quality to it. This would be a good choice for a lazy day or an evening, though it wasn't so strong and lethargic to make it tough for daytime/busy use… we could focus when necessary.


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