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A very eye-catching sample even though it was dark-colored to the eye, this in-house cross from Denver Relief performed well in all areas. The review staff all thought that this med would be enjoyed by almost anyone, as it provided a nice mixed package of uppy Sativa effects as well as quality pain and tension relief in the body. This thoughtful hybrid seems to offer the best of both worlds. 



Bred by Denver Relief


Holy foxtails, Batman! These nugs were all weird-shaped and each had at least one columnar foxtail reaching out from the main bud. Also unusual was the purpling, which seemed to affect half of a foxtail but the other part was dark green… unique indeed. 


Definitely Diesel-dominant, it's a skunky fuely stank that also has some slight citrus notes, as are often found in both of the parent strains. After a grind, more of the light sweetness and citrus came out, pushing the fuel to the background.


A slightly sweet and mentholated fuel taste was the dominant one going in, but it left a bit of a pine or hickory-like aftertaste.


Tears welling up in the eyes (partly due to coughing) and a near-immediate heart-racing feeling started this one off strong, feeling like a pure Sativa at first. Lots of ocular pressure fluctuations and a definite spacey mental feeling carried it into its peak stage about 25 minutes in, where a detached and slack-jawed mental state collided with mood elevation and physical energy (but no desire to actually get up and do something with it). Two reviewers moved onto a very "crushed" state where it was a struggle to stay awake and functional in the world, while another (smaller dosage) didn't report that feeling. So that leads us to believe that the higher dosage may put this into the crushing category… try it out and see which amount works for your body type and needs.


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