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This strain takes an A+ strain and adds a terrific new kick. The Fort Collins Cough (Northern Lights #5 x Haze #17) was one of this editor's personal favorites while attending CSU in the mid-late 90's because of its potency mixed with clarity. It was always a highly functional sativa hybrid that was only missing an exquisite flavor and scent. The BB#3 brings that to the table with perfection. The only suggestion KindReviews has for this strain is a new nameā€¦ beauties like this deserve their own calling card!


Bruce Banner #3 x Fort Collins Cough


Bred by Delta 9 Caregivers


The coloration was magnificent, greens, oranges, purples, and more. The trichome count was very high and the density was perfect.


The Bruce Banner takes over this smell, which is fine with us as it brings forth so many great scents. You will find soft fruit and soil, as well as a common diesel scent with pleasant earth and pine tones.


This is perfect in our opinion - a split of taste between the fruit/diesel of the strain itself and the organic matter it derived life from.


Initial soaring effect, very potent characteristics for mind, head, body core and extremeties. There is no missing the onslaught of medicine from every angle and most patients will take 5 minutes to gather their bearings. You will then notice the sativa activity as you get an energy rush and mental euphoria. The indica traits keep the shoulders and back relaxed even as the sativa continues to deliver. This is strong medicine.


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