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The plant grows a bit squatter than a pure OG Kush however the flower site structure resembles its Bruce Banner heritage.  The Barrington has thick leaves dark in hue, holding a tendency to turn purple across the whole plant after week 4.



Bred by Green Dream Health Services, Barrington is the result of a desire for a louder voice on the wonderful Bubba Banner.  The smooth lavendar/grape aroma and terpene profile of the GDP was the desired trait sought to work alongside the near perfect 50/50 hyrbid high of the Bubba Banner.


The dry bud has a slight purple tint to it, looking more like a prevelant grape ape cut mixed with some OG light green from the Banner genetics.  The bud structure is more akin to the OG family tree than the stalkier Bubba and GDP relatives.


Wet or dry, Barrington closely resembles the GDP in aroma.  The cross yields a more pungent scent, but did not change the overall character of the GDP in doing so.


Sweet grape over light pinene, followed with a nutty exhale.


True to its reason for being created, Barrington provides a very mellow indica experience with enough hybrid nature to be an all day medicine or recreational smoke.  The Bruce Banner heritage ensures it will be potent for everyone, the cross doesn't lend itself to be an axienty or paranoia inducing strain.


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