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A nicely balanced package of Indica effects without many of the downsides often associated with them (tiredness, inability to function, etc.). The body relief it provided was great for moderate pain the mental effects were never too strong or uncomfortable. A good middle-of-the-road Indica compromise that won't knock you out but still provided solid relief from daily aches and pains while putting a smile on your face.


California Indica x New York City Diesel


Bred by Barneys Farm to increase the yield of Soma's New York City Diesel


It was almost hard to see the strain underneath all the light strawberry-colored pistils that seemed to cover 90% of the bud's surface. Underneath though, there were a good amount of trichomes, and it was slightly more impressive than to the naked eye.


Mostly sour and citrusy (as is expected with a NYCD cross), this strain was pleasing to the nose and also carried notes of soil along with a slight vegetal sweetness that came out especially after grinding.


Lingering sweet & sour pallete


This strain caused immediate warmth and a radiating feeling that coursed throughout the body and face as well as an alternative heaviness and lightness on the chest. Seemingly not able to make up its mind, we vacillated between states of energy and sloth, but felt slightly spaced-out the entire time. The one constant was the relaxed and numbing body high, which kept us pain-free and in a good mood. It was above-average in potency, but never got overwhelming, making this a good choice for almost any level of MMJ patient effects-wise. Definitely an Indica-dominant experience, we were left a bit on the sleepy side after it was over, but it finished clean overall.


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