AK-47 used to be one of those elite strains that made everyone "ooh" audibly, but it has been knocked down a tier in the last few years with all the high-grade Kush and Diesel strains especially - this was a good reminder that it's a strain to reckon with, as is the even older Northern Lights #5.  It's very clear why these strains were chosen as a hybrid - it provided a superb blend of hybrid effects that seemed to satisfy a little bit of everything while maintaining its power throughout the duration.  Its smell was extremely unique but unfortunately that didn't translate to the taste, which was only average.  Still though, this old-school blend would make almost anyone happy (literally, it was an instant mood enhancement) and would help patients greatly with almost any disorder that they may have except for very serious pain.


AK-47 x Nothern Lights #5


While we weren't all that excited by the also-ran nature of the strains that composed this hybrid, this sample really surprised us with its enjoyable experience, especially the effects.


Covered in orange-brown pistils, this strain almost had a yellowish hue to it that made it look less appealing than it actually was from afar.  It wasn't exactly covered with tall visible trichs either, so this strain would probably fly a bit under the radar for most people.  But upon magnification, its trichome coverage becomes apparent.


This strain unleashed a very unexpected blast of sweetness combined with a cocktail of spices, similar to what one would find in egg nog or mulled wine.  A variety of smooth and sweet smells from cinnamon to cardamom was the dominant aroma.  When it was ground up, it trended a bit more towards the standard citrus side with a vegetal sweetness, which when combined with the initial smell reminded one reviewer of candied orange peels.  Though it won't make you sneeze with its pungency, it was above-average in that regard and could be detected from a few feet away.


With  just a hint of the spices that permeated the aroma, this strain tasted mostly of a lightly sweet piney citrus with a bit of hashiness.  The taste was a bit ethereal, as it seemed distinct and fairly strong but then disappeared as quickly as it came, leaving us struggling to describe it in detail.  This strain gave us an incredibly smooth smoke that upgraded the overall taste score simply because it was such an easy and enjoyable smoke despite expanding quite a bit.


Immediately after smokin, our reviewers found themselves in a quickly elevated mood and with a super heavy high behind the eyes that felt like they weighed 5 pounds each.  A spacey head and vibrating body were also part of the package, putting our review team in a great mood where they wanted to be as social as possible or pursue creative endeavors.  The body high seemed to move mostly to the feet/legs and filled them with a buzzing energy as it went on - our reviewers were pain-free during the review despite doing a variety of activities.  This was a fairly superb hybrid high that hit on almost every desirable trait of an MMJ experience, with no anxiety, paranoia, or other negativity.


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