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Albert Walker is a legendary clone-only Afghani skunk variety, while Manic is also an old-school Afghani, though with a sugary sweet smell.  The combination of the two creates a hard-hitting yet very positive Indica hybrid that yields welland exudes a lemon-garlic aroma.


Albert Walker x Manic


This strain was named "32? (pronounced "Three-Two") because that was the number of the "keeper" female.


Pungent mix of lemon, garlic, and body odor funk when ground


Spicy and citrusy, with a lingering aftertaste


Though it's a strongly Indica-dominant strain, it seems to shift its effects depending upon mood and situation.  If it's midday and you're immersed in a physical activity, it'll have you feeling relaxed, happy, and capable — if you're medicating before bed, it'll ease you into restful sleep.  Potent effects package all-around; good body relaxation, sleep aid, relief from minor pain, and ocular attention.

Grow Medium

(info courtesy of Scott, founder of Stone Mountain Wellness) "BIG yielder, hungry plant needs extra food.  Bright orange hair and lemony garlic smell and flavor.  Great herb for hiking.  Happy good time all around. 60 days of flower."


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