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Dark grayish green & purple, super dense and sticky.


Chemical Kush – a blend of soil, fuel, and the familiar kush scent.  (After this Urkel review we were very disappointed and stated we wouldn’t grab any Urkel sample unless it had a very strong purple/fruity scent.  Reality is the Kush is just so dominant I can’t pick out the Urkel.)


Earthy Kush taste, a cleaner variety.


A real creeper that took its time to reach its potential.  It was a very subtle rise, so subtle that I didn’t even realize how affected I was.  It was also a very relaxing and calming buzz to the point where you can easily lose track of time  – at one point I hadn’t moved a muscle for an hour.  I found this one to be like one big wave, dropping me down for the first half and rising back through the second.  (Again, very contrary to the Urkle review previously.)


It’s official, the crossing of the two strains are better than the parts, with a B- and B+ combining for an A- grade.  I think this is a great marriage of the two strains as they complement each other well with similar relaxing and calming attributes (reputation and our historical context – it is quite clear the specimen of Urkle we got from Plants 4 Life was subpar).  I like this for someone who needs to relax for a few after a long day but needs to be productive afterwards (thank you kush) and  I will definitely pick this up from CCF when available.
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