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These nugs look almost yellow from all the amber-colored trichomes.  Not too many orange hairs, and some purple hues on the popcorn sized, dense nugs.


The buzz was a major creeper, only hitting its peak after 5 minutes.  I felt an intense stoney high; a quick bout of nervousness/paranoia.   After about 30 minutes, the buzz smoothened out where it just lingered.  No trippy buzz here, but a great smoke to mellow out when alone.


This is a 100% indica strain.  At first, the Twilight did not stand out to me.  It smelled decent, and I liked the nug structure, but closer review showed their true beauty.  This moves slow, then hits hard, then peeters out to a  relaxing body buzz.  This is a nice specimen but the duration was just too short to get a much higher grade.
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