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This was a skinnier, longer bud.  Well taken care of and a 50/50 green to orange ratio.


Earthy, organic fertilizer.


More pine cone than pine sol.


Heavy sativa.  Big drop off in mood and temperament at 1.5 hours.  We went from sitting to standing to laughing to agitated to complaining and finally to achey.


This Trainwreck sample is what I remember, MUCH better than the sample we previously reviewed.    At the outset and even 45 minutes into this strain we were sure it would be an A- at worst and had potential for an A.  The issue was that just like the best sugar rush, the down side was fierce.  The energy based rush that had me on my feet and ready to go dumped me on my butt just after it got me out of the house.  Though the buzz continued past 2 hours it was a downward, agitated feeling with multiple reviewers commenting on their aches and pains and general irritability.
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