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This was a case of appeal being hidden mostly underneath the surface — the outward color of this hash was dark and not particularly attractive, but breaking it open revealed a golden-brown gooey interior.  The texture of this sample was very nice, as it didn’t melt in the hands and could be easily molded into discs or ropes, which is nice for patients who don’t like the crumbly style of hash that is common in dispensaries.  We did see a few flakes of green particulate in the close-ups, but honestly, that may have come mostly due to the finger-rolling method (which we’re not a fan of in general, just for cleanliness’ sake).


There was not a ton of aroma to this sample, though one reviewer commented that it reminded him of some of the nicer traditional hash samples he’s tried, with a light floral + pine combo that carries a hint of “purple” musk.


Though we wished it was more in the “full-melt” area and had a more apparent aroma and flavor package, we enjoyed the effects of this hash quite a bit.  The combination of even-handed mood elevation and relaxation and soothing body effects gave it a high medicinal value in our experience, helping with a variety of pain and tension issues.  The effect, while strong once it really kicked in at about 30 minutes, was never overwhelming or incapacitating — this is a hash that you could use in the morning and not be craving a nap by Noon, feeling mentally aware the entire time.  We like this as a daytime med for users who require fairly strong and lasting body relief, but it would also be great a few hours before bed, as it perks the user up at the start, then eases down over a long period.

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