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Appeared white or light shade from the bottom of the bud and a nice moderate purple from the top.


Sweet smelling, not fruity and not earthy.


I found this sample to lack a decisive taste, not much expansion.


Heavy indica.  This purple variety came on heavy and quick, with a strong anti-social component.  I found myself in the bedroom with the door shut just hoping nobody was going to knock.  The high intensity fell off significantly at a half-hour after ingestion, but I was still indifferent to the TV and people.


There was nothing bad to say about the bud itself, well presented and taken care of.  However, with so many nice Indicas available today I simply have a hard time seeking one out that provides such a strong anti-social element.  I’m finding more and more of the purple strains with this string attached.  I will admit that certain situations may actually call for this behavior so please make you own call as always.
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