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Nicely manicured, dry.  Less frost dipped and more “magnetic” where the trichs look like they are static charged and extended straight off the bud.  Good mix of green, orange and the slightest purple – not the strong purple pheno of the previous sample.


Pungent Kush smell with a little something sweet in there.  Not as pungent as the previous sample.


Kush mainly, a light mix of limeade and cough drop.  Big expansion, made me cough but not too harsh, similar to the last specimen we reviewed.


Strong. Took about 10 minutes to reach full effect, I felt a bit overwhelmed and found sitting down to be the most fitting option. The Plum Kush was a powerhouse that had a heavy Indica effect on me, leaving me at a place of total relaxation where I was numb & yawning but not tired.  To my surprise I was not drained, rather quite energetic afterwards, it just took some fight to stay out of my bed to get to that point.


Powerful. Not for beginners, and for the vets out there be warned. The extended delay may cause some to over-do-it, so please be patient. Like all heady hitters, you may experience some fits of uneasiness and paranoia, but nothing a seasoned patient can’t handle.  Though this sample didn’t quite reach the level of its predessesor don’t be disappointed, its much like comparing Shaun White’s gold medal pipe runs, they were both very impressive.
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