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(4)  Our sample points to a nicely grown flower that was handled a little rougher than we prefer.  This THC has a huge variety that most will enjoy, but the majority of the strains we’ve seen from this dispensary are rough in appearance.


(7) Fairly sweet, where the kush was actually overpowered in this cross though still clearly evident.  The scent stuck with this bud very well and was quite pleasant.  6/10 on pungence and 8/10 on appeal.


(5) Familiar piney kush flavor, nice but lacking in amount.  A bit harsh with solid expansion.


Two great strains mixed so you hope it’s a great medicine, but it doesn’t look like its been handled real well.  Wow, it smells better than what you’d expect from the appearance, and bang, it’s potent too!  This strain has the potential to score nicely into the A’s and break into my favorites club.  I’ll be on the lookout for more of this strain to review.
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