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Very crystally- big guard leaves, but still pretty.


I found a light citrus with a spicy (garlic type) hint.


Some found lemon, others found only a tongue tingle.  I wanted to say piney, but knew it wasn’t quite the right description to match the taste in my mouth.


A rounded mix.  Euphoric, but under wraps.  External (hot face, energetic bursts) but also cerebral.


There are so many varying pieces of information on what OG stands for some say Ocean Grown is the true meaning (Original Gangster, Organic Grown, Orange Julius, etcetera).   Any way you cut it, people rave about the OG Kush.  Yet, I’m a fan but I’m not sold.  My wife noticed a social behavior or glitch that she wasn’t fond of (“I don’t think I like you to smoke that one…”) and I wasn’t sure I enjoyed the dichotemy of the buzz.  I remained functional however, and it lasted a solid two hours.
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