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A nice spade/strawberry shaped bud with long orange hairs.  It was very beautiful, crystal white inside with very high trichome count.  Once broken open it looked like vanilla cake crumbles – so pretty.


A sweet cleaner scent, familiar diesel with a high pungence.


Possessed typical diesel taste, slight hashy aftertaste.  It did not match the smell on a pungency level.  Very nice expansion.


Immediate head high.  While I was able to clearly and precisely communicate verbally I was unable to coherently write or read anything requiring focus and analysis directly after smoking.  Thirty minutes into the buzz I was able to apply reasoning and analysis again, this carried through the rest of the high along with a heightened energy and motivation level.


This specimen of NYCD is very nice.  It gives enough of an initial power punch to allow a patient to feel they got their money worth, but isn’t so overbearing it dictates the next few hours of your life like this NYCD.  This will be a pleasant and appreciated experience for many patients, while others will undoubtedly prefer the “all-out” variety.
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