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More and more people are educating themselves on the cannabis products they choose to consume and looking for options that are clean and effective. This increase in consumer education has helped spur the growing popularity for solventless concentrates. Dispensaries are stocking their shelves with more solventless products than ever, and solventless preparations are even making their way into the edibles and CBD sectors. This trend has stretched beyond commercial storefronts as well.

Concentrate enthusiasts of all varieties have been trying their hand at making home-pressed rosin for several years now. What started as a DIY movement with hair straighteners has transcended what anyone could have imagined five or ten years ago. With modern innovation from passionate cannabis consumers and some of the brightest mechanical minds in the business, at-home rosin pressing can now easily compete with the products found on dispensary shelves. Some of the cannabis industry’s top rosin press manufacturers have even stepped into the at-home realm to provide consumers who are serious about pressing rosin with a top of the line home set-up.

Speaking of industry leading rosin press manufacturers, we’re delighted to bring you a review of PurePressure’s at-home model, the Helix 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press. For those unfamiliar with PurePressure but fans of rosin and other solventless products, we can tell you that there are high odds those products you enjoy so much were made with a PurePressure rosin press. PurePressure has been making purpose-drive rosin presses for years and now offers the award-winning innovation from their line of commercial presses in a compact package that is perfect for any home grower or concentrate enthusiast. Here are just a few notable features the Helix Rosin Press offers:

PurePressure Helix Features:

  • Manufactured in America in Denver, CO
  • Two premium aluminum heating plates designed for even heat distribution and 1°F temperature accuracy
  • Three tons of maximum force output
  • Accurate force measuring and real-time pressure display
  • PurePressure Pressware technology and full color LCD touch screen
  • User friendly twist design with no compressed air required

It’s obvious from the get-go that the Helix is a significant step up from a hair straightener. Keep reading for an in-depth look at the Helix Rosin Press and feedback from the PotGuide review team.


The Helix rosin press functions better than any at-home rosin press we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying. The easy set up and use is a key feature of the Helix, as many other presses on the market leave consumers scratching their heads how to make the best rosin. With the Helix, odds are you’d be able to make some quality rosin without ever setting eyes on the manual – it’s just that intuitive.

Again, unlike other rosin presses on the market (or that hair straightener you bought on Amazon), the PurePressure Helix comes with a detailed user manual that walks you through the process of making high-quality rosin. Once you have a basic feel for how everything works, you can experiment with different temperatures, pressure sequences, starting materials, and more. When you find something you like, you can save a recipe to get those same exact results over and over with just a push of a button.

For our review, we decided to press several different starting materials:

Starting Material Used:

  • OG Truthband flower (Dried and cured, stored at 55% humidity)
  • White Fire OG flower (Dried and cured, stored at 62% humidity)
  • Weed Nap flower (Dried and cured, stored at 55% humidity)
  • Elektra CBD Flower (Colorado-sourced, dried and cured, stored at 62% humidity)

We didn’t have any bubble hash available to try for our review but want to not that hash will provide the highest yields when pressing rosin. Much of what you see on dispensary shelves is pressed from bubble hash as a starting material. That being said, we experienced some great results pressing flower and kief.

Out of all three strains of cannabis flower we prepared, the Weed Nap had the highest moisture content, followed by the White Fire OG, OG Truthband, and Elektra CBD flower. Regardless of moisture levels, we tried to source the stickiest, freshest flower for our review.

Using the provided tools and PurePressure rosin filter bags, we carefully loaded and packed our flower in 7 gram increments. The included PurePressure tamper works extremely well for flattening and preparing your flower before pressing. The functionality of actually pressing entails pressing a couple buttons on the LCD screen and then using the twist handle to apply gradual force. You’d be surprised how quickly you can apply 3 tons of force using just your hands, too. The entire review team was taken aback by how effortless it felt to apply the full pressure of the Helix. Sure, it takes a little bit of force on the user’s end, but the results are truly impressive. You could press all day without breaking a sweat.

In terms of yield, as you might suspect our Weed Nap came out on top. In fact, it was pretty much a direct correlation between yield and freshness/moisture content of the bud, as well as trichome content. There are definitely strains that are better for solventless concentrates and doing some trial and error like we did can help you determine which strains are worth pressing. We were able to get decent yields off of all the flower we pressed. With some fidgeting with temperature and press time between starting materials we were able to obtain a pretty good spectrum of different final consistencies, too. The CBD flower resulted in a very flavorful extract that was much more enjoyable to dab than smoking the actual flower – a good note for any CBD enthusiasts looking to make their own solventless preparations.

Ease of Use

Straight out of the box, the Helix is user friendly and intuitive. It comes pre-assembled for the most part, all you have to do is take it out of the box and put on the legs and twist handle. From there, you’re all set to safely clamp the press onto any sturdy table you’d like to make your rosin operation zone. Once you have the Helix securely clamped onto the table all that’s left is to plug it in and you’re ready to go! Seriously, we can’t overstate how easy initial setup is. Coupled with the helpful manual (complete with photos and example figures) PurePressure provides, there shouldn’t be anyone who has a problem setting this press up.

In terms of actual operation during a press, the Helix is once again very intuitive and easy to get dialed in consistently. The manual walks you through everything you need to know to conduct an effective press and even provides detailed instructions for different consistencies like flower, kief, dry sift, and bubble hash. PurePressure’s trademark Pressware technology is a breeze to navigate through and it allows the user to save recipes and monitor real-time statistics during operation. The ability to refine nearly every aspect of the pressing process makes getting optimal rosin consistency effortless. Even better, for all the connoisseurs out there, you can produce pretty much every consistency of rosin there is with a press like the Helix. We had a blast trying for budders, shatters, waxes and even more saucy consistencies. To put it into an analogy, a Helix rosin press is essentially like a bag of flour. You can make pretty much anything you want from it, you just have to find a recipe and use some quality ingredients to make something you love.


The Helix Rosin Press looks sturdy and built for a lifetime of rosin pressing. PurePressure’s black and yellow color scheme is vibrant and inviting, and their patented drip logo graces several spots on the press with elegance and sophistication. The Helix just looks upscale and sturdy from the moment you lay eyes on it. There are no exposed wires, heat plates lying precariously, or any visible electronics. This rosin press is a truly well designed consumer good and the folks at PurePressure clearly went through a lot of effort designing something that you would be proud to display in your home. Seriously, we had this set up in several different spots, from our corporate office to our home kitchens and it never looked out of place. It can fit on most durable tables and doesn’t require any special tools for assembly or operation. What you see is what you get, and from our review you get a whole darn lot with the Helix. With how well it functions, the fact that the Helix looks modern and sleek appearance-wise is just icing on the cake.


In terms of price, the Helix is a little more expensive that some other at-home presses on the market. However, none of those presses offer the sophistication that the PurePressure Helix does. Starting at $2,995.00 you really can’t go wrong with the Helix 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press. While the upfront investment is significant, the return over time from making your own rosin is substantial. For anyone serous about solventless concentrates, think about the fact that most grams of rosin go for $30-60 dollars at the dispensary. With flower sitting at a much lower price (and even less if you grow your own), a Helix rosin press could allow you to make high-quality rosin for dollars on the gram. With that kind of savings, a Helix pays for itself after a few months of steady pressing.


The PurePressure Helix 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press is a remarkable product and everyone on the PotGuide review team felt it deserved high marks across the board. For the money, there simply isn’t an option that can compete with the Helix in terms of function and efficiency. The ability to refine nearly every aspect of your press makes for an enjoyable experience that makes you feel like an R&D manager for a cannabis lab. Fans of solventless concentrates who want the best products at the most affordable price should seriously consider looking into purchasing a Helix for themselves. Over time, the amount of money you can save by making your own rosin at home is quite substantial. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun to take a dab of some rosin you pressed yourself!

See for yourself why PurePressure is an industry leader in rosin press technology. Click here to visit their website and purchase a Helix 3 Ton Manual Rosin Press.

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