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The thing that struck us immediately about this earwax is its gorgeous light golden-blond coloration, which says that this is a very pure extraction.  Even at the microscopic level, it was very tough to see any kind of particulate or discolorations.  Another thing that struck us just in terms of visual appearance is the pockmarked, crater-like surface created by the evaporation process — it made the flat surface of the piece we received look like something out of a sci-fi movie, as you can see in the pictures above.  The texture is crumbly when handled and works best when scooped rather than picked up with tweezers, etc.  Slight heating makes it a little easier to work with, but we’d suggest avoiding that simply because it melts at such a low temperature.


In terms of smell and flavor, this was a fairly standard earwax experience for our crew.  Most butane earwax tends to have a slightly floral lemon-pine quality to both the smell and taste, which we’ve come to recognize as essentially the taste of trichomes.  This earwax sample had that in spades, though the flavor was slightly sharper than the aroma, bringing a more medicinal and slightly chemical (like cleaner) note in addition to the lemon-pine.


This was thought to be an extremely pure and rather potent extract with a balanced yet very energetic to start effects package.  We all appreciated the taste and smell, but really enjoyed the overall clarity and duration of the effects, which lasted out to 3 hours for one reviewer, and in the strong 2-2.5 hour range for the others.  This is a great choice for higher-tolerance patients who desire a mental uplift combined with some quality body effects, primarily as a late daytime or early evening type of med due to the relaxing finish.  If you re-medicate within 2 hours, it tends to shoot you right back up to the initial energy and effect level.

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