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Dry, manicured, no mold or pests found.


Vapo rub with soft sweetness.  You cannot miss the scent of Durban Poison if you’ve smelled it before.  (Strong sample)


Sour Menthol that tickles the nose.


Instant effect accompanied with body warmth and increased heart rate.  A solid head high, energy inducer that even after a long day of completed tasks and finished assignments, felt I could still do more.  A small fit of paranoia arose (common with the more potent strains), but short lived and easily manageable.


Durban is one of my favorite strains and this one in particular was the best representation I’ve have come across yet.  It’s been a while since we got some Durban from CCH and this sample is much better than the last one we reviewed.  If you like Durban, go to CCH and to CAM at this point.
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