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Looked like old Cough from the later 90s.


A piney menthol scent.


A woody pine flavor.


This one was quick starter going to my head right off the bat.  True to its name, it made me cough, not harsh, more of a tickle effect. Not one to “knock your socks off”, I found the power of this strain was in its ability to sustain.  Brought me to a nice steady level and stayed there.  Though sativa dominant, I felt right at home on the couch.  No real surge of energy as expected, actually went to lay down for a while after a couple of hours.


I like this one because I felt it stuck to the fundamentals. I have found that a lot of the popular strains have blast-off power but for the most part come with a steady descent.  The CoCough is the opposite for me, I didn’t give me a huge punch in the face but had a strong plateau.   I recommend this on for the once -a-dayers who come home, want to relax and leave it at that.  Its lingering effect is good for the long haul and would expect meds to last a while.
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